Restaurant design project

RICE! by Sanchez Romera, C/ Muntaner 182, Barcelona. Reservas +34 931 42 67 09

We are delighted to annouce the recent completion of our project, RICE! A dining experience by the innovative chef Miguel Sanchez Romera.

The 400 m² restaurant in Barcelona´s Eixample district was completed this October. The interior design, brand creation, light design and art work were realised by Olliver Brenneisen and Romera. The commission included the creation of brand definition, logo design, scenery, video art and large format photography.

Romera´s background as medical neurologist has informed his unique approach to culinary creation. Inspired by three vertices: science, health and art; Romera has created a unique atmosphere 'to share culinary experiences between the Chef and anyone from anywhere in the world who is a sensitive explorer to the new and the old flavors of cuisine and wine.'

universoRICE! by Sanchez Romera, design Oliver Brenneisen

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CF060689RICE! by Sanchez Romera