Insight cards



The White Star cards were conceived by Oliver Brenneisen in 2010/11 in Berlin as part of his project Delphikarten which includes a growing family of card decks for children and adults.


Oliver Brenneisen. "The creation of the White Star deck is part of a longer process of investigation and learning about divination techniques, their past and ancient methods of connecting with the higher self on a technically reliable and truthfilled manner. I was especially drawn by the question how newly developed cards find their place in our digital lifestyles. I wanted to create a deck that was highly functional and easy to use even for beginners while giving reliable results that make White Star also attractive for advanced use in cartomancy".

The White Star card deck is deck of cards for divinatory purposes. It offers the user great insights and hints - once they allow this to happen. The deck consits of 36 cards with each one photoo and card title, its main meaning - in four languages. The meaning of the card is the symbiosis of the viewers mind, putting the card title and its visual information into perspective with the question asked. 

Use the cards to find out about yourself, your wanderings, your concepts. The cards can give you meaningful answers to questions like "What can I do improve my ..." or "In the relation with person A, what elements and qaulity are helpful to reach to a higher level of ..." Concentrate on the cards, concentrate on your questions, do not think of anything else. Slightly shuffle the deck, pull one card - this is the answer.

The deck includes instructions and is available from Dussmann Friedrichstrasse Berlin, Café Bilderbuch Berlin, Las Gracias Palma de Mallorca. Webshop by Rittersporn Verlag, Wolfsburg.